12 photographs taken by pin hole camera, framed 60 x 60 cm.
Hommage to Eva Brunner – Szabo

According to ancient greek sagas "Styx" ist the name of the river crossing Arcadia partly flowing under ground, in the realm of the dead. When a person has died he becomes invisible for those, left behind. Even his image slowly fades away. Loosing a person by death is always something inconceivable.

Could you bring into picture the act of disappearing? And if you try, how to begin? Barock painters, representing the virgins death, invented the "fabric of soul", carried by two putti twards heaven, as a symbol for the soul decending the body. Following this idea, I put small white garments on branches of trees, on bushes or on stones at the riverside and took photographs with a pinhole camera, doubble exposing, creating blured pictures. Some of the negatives where exposed to the weather for a short time, astranging them once more, in analogy to the transitory.
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