European Identity in a Global World

An economically globalised world has brought great changes to what used to be the exchange between single countries. The liberalised and globalised market created an almost killing competition. Money rules the world !
A great many people from abroad, fugitives either from reagons in war or hopeless poverty are entering the european societies in hope for a better future. After decades of welfare and social security we suddenly should share with people hoe’s cultural background is not familiar to us and hoe we cannot understand by lack of comunication. All sorts of strange feelings are haunting us and we don’t allways have the right answers to cope with.
How does such a situation look like through the eyes of an artist? How to express strangness in a familiar setting? Using fashion fotographs and cutting away the figures a scenery is created with a window. Outside, happenings from the most remote places of the world appear, which we might have seen in a flight on television in newspapers or magazines. Unfamiliar, sometimes even shocking scenes are entering our own scenery.
Some collages may look quite exotic, even attractive. Others provoke with harsh confrontations causing nightmares, even agression. At that point strangness may function as a mirror which reflects our own defects, our difficulties to cope with new and complex situations or the lack of courage to find proper solutions.
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