Pigment Print on Archival Paper, 33 x 48 cm

People are leaving their homes fleeing from war, prosecution and hunger to save their lives.The most used way of flight leads across the Mediterranean Sea. Setting out In compleately overcrowded boats from the Northafrican Coast they take the risk to reach Europe. Many are reaching their goal but many drown before reaching a save shore. Too many.

These shocking facts gave cause to deal with this item by the means of art.
The shore becomes the area of truth: There washed ashore or left behind clothing can be found. For some their flight had ended deadly. For those who where lucky to arrive the shore hope arises for a life in savety an dignity. They are leaving their wet and dirty clothes behind like empty wrappings. It seems as if they where leaving behind their past. In clean clothes they are starting their journey twards the future: Destination hope.
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