7 collages on acid-free paper, 30x24 cm, unique. Works owned by photograph collection of Rupertinum, Salzburg.
Cracks make things fragile. Could You think the same way of human beings with certain handicaps? Acording to my experiance you can. My son shows severe mental restraints and he hardly can speak. Infact a crack between him and common reality is quite obvious. Meeting persons like him often cause embarrisment and contacting them will be avoided. Thus they drift easily into isolation.
When my son tries to comunicate only singel sillabels or mutilated words can be heared. A great deal of sensibility and creativity and a knowledge of his whereabouts is needed to make something out of it. I try to tell him what I found out until it meets his intentions; when I succeded he is very happy. I am taking his needs of comunication just as serious as I do with other people. I am putting myself to his disposal, beeing his interpreter, building a bridge between is way of beeing and common reality.
In the early ninties I was for a longer period of time in charge of a group of manyfolded handicaped persons, for therapeutic reasons. When I parted I had the chance to take a photograph of every single person. What I discovered as their individual crack in their personality, became the starting-point for the collages I made out of these photographs.
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